Prepositions with word phrases

Полезные материалы по английскому


at home/ school/university/ a station/an airport/the seaside
at a hotel
at sea (= on a voyage)
at the beginning (when sth started)
at the end (when sth finished)
at the latest


by accident - нечаянно
by car/ train/ship/bus/bicycle
by chance - случайно
by cheque
by mistake - по ошибке
by road/rail/air/sea/tube


(have sth) for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/
(go) for drink
(go) for a walk/ swim
for sale (sold by the owner)


in a mess
in bed
in case
in cash
in common
in connection with
in contact with
in detail
in hospital
(fall/be) in love (with)
in my opinion
in one's car
in prison
in the beginning (originally)
in the end (= finally)
in time (=soon enough)
in touch


on a diet
on a farm
on a ship
on a trip/ excursion/ cruise/ tour/ expedition
on holiday (but! go somewhere for a holiday)
on business
on fire
on my bicycle
on my own
on strike
on the bus
on the phone
on the radio/ TV
on the trail
on time (=exactly)
on foot
on sale (= sold at a reduced price)


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